Campo dei Miracoli (Pisa)


Millions and millions of people visited this wonderful square.
"Piazza dei Miracoli" is quite one thousand years old. Sure, it was not set up in short time; it took some centuries from the first works to the completion of the three famous buildings that make so unique this place: the cathedral, the baptistery and the leaning tower.

Sited in Pisa, at the heart of one of the Italian marvelous region, Tuscany, "Piazza dei Miracoli" witness quite one thousand of Italian history and culture; it became in the last fifty years also a target for mass tourism.

Of the three buildings, the more famous is the Leaning Tower whose construction began nearly the end of XII century.
Circular basement was quite uncommon among all the towers built in Italy. Based on some opinions, it seems that the original project made provision for a higher tower than the one that was built.
Certainly the circular basement allowed the tower to stand up in spite of the high level of leaning.

Unfortunately, when I took the photos the weather was not so good: very hot and sultry. Then it was very difficult to give evidence of the colour contrast between the blue sky, the green meadow and the dominant white of the buildings.




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